The Worst Moments in Christmas Movies

Death. Taxes. Christmas movies. Those are the only things guaranteed in life. These days, it’s tough to get through the holiday season with just your annual viewing of Christmas Vacation. Betwee

The Packers Squirrel & Other Magnificent Animal Moments in Sports

Something magical happened in the third quarter of the Packers-Colts game on Sunday. The Packers were in the midst of another stalled drive. They were losing to a bad Colts team at Lambeau Field. The

In Defense of Adam Sandler…

Adam Sandler is 50. Yes, the same man that has made a career out of cartoonishly immature behavior has officially entered the old man, get off my lawn stage of his career. As a 20-something male, watc

The Best Cheaters in Sports

There’s an old adage that cheaters never prosper. This couldn’t be further than the truth. I’ve long-held the belief that cheaters always prosper in the world of sports. In fact, thi

The Five Most Heartbreaking Phoenix Suns Moments

(To be played to the tune of from Light of the Seven from the Game of Thrones season finale.) Back in April, I was working downtown within a stones throw of the Phoenix Suns arena. My office had a bir